Product Area Description Release Date
Data Library Improved Data Library and Streamlined Process
The data integration module has been consolidated into the data library, enabling a much more smooth and coherent workflow for creating and mapping data fields. In addition, a data field can now be designated as PII to safeguard personal and sensitive information.
To learn more, see:
Managing the SundaySky Data Library
Setting up Data Integration for a Video
Creating Data Fields in Bulk

Major Enhancements to Working with Scenes
With the release of the new Studio, all scene actions have been completely revamped with the following new features:

  • New scene library that displays templates, layouts, and brand color combinations in one location.
  • New Actions menu accessed from the scene thumbnail provides quick access to a variety of scene functions.
  • New functionality added to the scene line-up for adding new scenes quickly.

To learn more, see:
Introduction to Scenes
Working with Scene Layouts


New Tools for Brand Management
With the release of the new Studio, the following tools have been added for easier brand management:

  • Improved delete brand options
  • Duplicate brand
  • Applying a brand by audience

To learn more, see:
Deleting a Brand
Applying a Brand by Audience


Redesigned Workspace in the SundaySky Platform
With the release of the new Studio, the workspace has been improved significantly with the following new features:

  • New contextual toolbars: after making a selection, the toolbar provides quick access to actions relevant to the context.
  • New dialog windows are draggable and close when clicking outside of them.
  • Double-clicking a scene component acts as a shortcut to editing options.
  • Preview button is now prominently displayed right above the scene line-up.
  • Top bar provides convenient navigation options:
    • Click the SundaySky logo to go to Your Videos
    • Click Done to go to the video page
Sound New Feature for Customizing Pronunciations
Using the new pronunciation library, you can now define how to pronounce any word in your voice-over script. This customization, achieved using phonetic spelling, does not impact how words are displayed in closed captioning. The customized word is both pronounced and displayed correctly.
To learn more, see:
Using the Pronunciation Library
Pronunciation Reference Charts
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