SundaySky AI Copilot (Beta)—FAQ


What is the SundaySky AI Copilot?
The SundaySky AI Copilot is an AI Assistant that turns an idea into a video in under five minutes, complete with script, media assets, animation, and voice-over narration. The AI Copilot is being released initially as a beta version.


Who can use the AI Copilot in beta?
The AI Copilot is being released as a beta version for a limited audience and period of time to give users the opportunity to provide feedback, before we make it generally available. SundaySky will continue to work on improving existing features and adding new ones during and after the beta period.
If you would like to learn more about the beta release, reach out to your SundaySky contact.


How do I access the SundaySky AI Copilot?
After logging in to SundaySky, click New Video in the sidebar and then select With AI Copilot.


Do I need to be an AI expert or aficionado to use the SundaySky AI Copilot?
Not at all! The AI Copilot will guide you in creating a professional and well-crafted video. Most importantly, the AI Copilot meets you where you are, whether you are a novice video maker or seasoned professional.


I want to create a video for my daughter's first birthday. Can the SundaySky AI Copilot help me with this?
Sorry, but for now the AI Copilot is designed for businesses and not for personal use. Currently, birthdays, family trips, and the like are not supported.


Can I include a URL in the information that I give to the AI Copilot?
As the AI Copilot in beta version does not yet enable real-time browsing of the Internet, you should not provide a URL when submitting your request to the Copilot.
You can, however, copy and paste text from websites into the AI Copilot to provide more information and context for the video that you want to create.


How current is the information used for creating videos in the AI Copilot?
The AI Copilot's knowledge cutoff date is September 2021.


How accurate is the content generated by the AI Copilot?
Given the probabilistic nature of machine learning, the video created may contain incorrect content that does not accurately reflect real people, places, or facts. We therefore recommend human review of the content.


I watched the preview of the video that was created and I'm not really happy with the result. What can I do?
Click Restart to reopen the chat experience. The AI Copilot is constantly learning in order to improve. When you restart, try to also define your needs a bit better.
When you're happy with the result, click Continue Editing In The Studio to access the SundaySky Studio so that you can make edits to the video.


When I restart the process, can I give the Copilot feedback on the previous video that was created?
In the beta version, giving feedback to the Copilot (e.g. "I want a different image than the one you chose before") is not yet supported. When you restart the process, you are essentially starting from scratch.


What can I edit in the Studio?
Everything from editing the text to adding scenes to changing the music. You can also personalize the video, edit its media assets, and distribute it.


What brand does the AI Copilot select for my video?
The brand that you apply most often is the brand that is selected. You can, of course, select a different brand when you edit the video in the Studio.


How does the AI Copilot select media assets for my video?
The AI Copilot searches the Getty libraries (images and video footage), taking into account your company, industry, and script content. You can, of course, replace any media assets with others that you prefer.


I prefer a different voice in the video. How can I change this?
In the Studio, access the voice-over library and choose an automated voice according to your preferences.


After I edit the video in the Studio and leave the platform, where can I find the video again?
A video created with the Copilot and then edited in the Studio is saved automatically in Your Videos (in the root). The video can be moved to any of the folders that exist in your account. See Working with Video Folders to learn more.


I created a video using the Copilot but decided not to edit it in the Studio. Is this video also saved?
Yes. Any video that you create in the Copilot but decide not to edit is saved automatically in a folder named Copilot drafts. This folder is created automatically and, like all folders, is accessed from Your Videos.



What actions can be performed on a video that is saved in the Copilot drafts folder?
If you would like to start editing the video, click Edit video on the video thumbnail. The video is opened in the Studio, ready for you to work on. Once opened in the Studio (even without editing), the video is moved automatically from this folder to Your Videos (in the root).
If you no longer have a need for the video, you can delete the video completely.


I like the media assets that were used in a video created by the Copilot. Where can I find them?
All the media assets used in videos created by the Copilot are saved in Your Media, in a dedicated folder named Copilot


Can I create videos with personalization using my data?
The AI Copilot cannot yet personalize a video. You can, however, add personalization to any AI-created video directly in the Studio and choose your data library source.


Do I own the video that was generated by the AI Copilot?
Yes. As long as you hold a SundaySky subscription, you own all the video content. This means that you can use the content for any purpose, including commercial purposes such as sale or publication.

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