As you create your video and before you publish it for your audience, there is a good likelihood that you will want to show it to your colleagues in order to get their feedback. The SundaySky Video Platform includes a variety of features to assist you in accomplishing this.

Below are the tools that you can take advantage of to streamline the review cycle so that the video can reach your audience as quickly as possible. All these tools are accessed from the video's preview window via the Share for Review menu.

If you are ready to share the video with your viewers, see Publishing and Sharing a Video—Overview to learn how.


Feature How to Access Help Center Article to Learn More
Invite colleagues and external (non-SundaySky) users to review the video and leave comments Click Share for Review and then Invite to Review

Sending a Video for Review

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Collaboration Basics

Reviewing and Commenting on a Video

Manage the reviews you send and invite additional reviewers Click Share for Review and then Manage Reviews Managing Reviews
Export the video script as a PDF file Click Share for Review and then Export Script Exporting the Video Script
Download a draft of the video as an MP4 file Click Share for Review and then Download Draft Downloading a Draft
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