Publishing and Sharing a Video—Overview

After you have finished creating your video, you'll want to share it with your audience so that they can view it. In the SundaySky platform, you need to publish a video before you can share it.

The publishing action is what saves the edits you make to your video. It can be done after every edit you make and is not dependent on any other action. The sharing action, which distributes your video to your audience, can only be performed on a published video.

This overview article describes the two major steps, publish and share, at a high level.

For step-by-step instructions on how to publish a video, see Publishing a Video.
For guidelines regarding sharing, see Sharing a Video.

Before beginning the publishing process so that you can share the video externally, you may want to share the video internally with colleagues or stakeholders so that they can review and approve the video (when relevant). The SundaySky platform includes several options for doing so.

Step 1: Publishing

Before you publish a video for the first time, it is in Draft mode.


The publishing action locks in all the edits that you have made to the video. It is important to note that the publishing action only locks in the edits to the current version—it does not share your video with others. A published video will not be visible to your viewers until you share it actively with them.

Whenever you make a change to a video that has already been published, you'll need to republish the video. Just like with the first publishing, republishing the video locks in all the changes that you have made so that you can reshare the video.


To learn how to publish a video, see Publishing a Video.

Step 2: Sharing

After a video has been published, it is in Published mode and ready to be shared.


You can now share the video with your audience, using any of the following options:

Sharing Option Content Update Method* Help Center Article
Play the video on the SundaySky landing page Automatic  Using the SundaySky Landing Page
Embed the video in a webpage Automatic Embedding the SundaySky Player in a Webpage
Post to Facebook Manual Sharing a Video on Facebook
Post to LinkedIn Manual Sharing a Video on LinkedIn
Download as an MP4 file Manual Downloading a Video as an MP4 File

* Content Update Method refers to the way in which the content is updated when the video is republished.

If the method is Automatic, the video content will be automatically updated without any intervention on your part. So, without any further action, the next person to watch the video sees all of the most recent updates.

If the method is Manual, you'll need to reshare the video in order for your audience to see the updated content.

After you publish changes—depending on the sharing option—the video will either be automatically updated with the new version or you will need to reshare the new version. These options require you to reshare:

Sharing a Video on Facebook
Sharing a Video on LinkedIn
Downloading a Video as an MP4 File

If you used any other sharing option, there is no need to reshare the video. When viewers click the URL that they originally received, they will automatically see the republished version. For exceptions, see Resharing a Video.

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