Ultimately, the most important phase of creating a video is putting it into the hands of your audience. In the SundaySky Video Platform, sharing is the action that does just that.

When you are ready to share your video, you first need to publish the video in order to lock in all the edits that you have made.

The SundaySky platform includes a variety of options for sharing a video. The sharing options that are available for a specific video are based on the following factors:

  1. Is the video personalized or not?
  2. What data connector is the video using?
  3. Will the player be placed on a SundaySky landing page or on another webpage?

These three factors determine what options are available in the Share menu for a specific video.
The table below summarizes what sharing options are available according to the data connector that you are using, or not using.


Click to see these options in the Share menu


More on Sharing

1. The video status changes to Personalized when data fields are used in the video to configure content. Even if you have created data fields and connected a data source, the video status will be Not personalized until you actually use the data fields. 
2. In the live channels: when you share a video on a SundaySky landing page or on a webpage (using embed code), the video is updated automatically each time you publish changes in the SundaySky platform.
3. In the static channels: when you post a video to Facebook or LinkedIn, the video includes all the content that was published before you shared the video. If you make a change to the video in the SundaySky platform, it is not reflected in Facebook or LinkedIn. The same is true, of course, for a video downloaded as an MP4 file.

Resharing a Video

After publishing changes, you need to reshare the video if you used one of the following sharing options:

If you used any other sharing option, you need to reshare the video only if the following occur:

  1. personalization was added or removed
  2. the data connector was changed

If neither of the above occur, there is no need to reshare the video and the content is updated automatically after you publish the changes.

Help Articles According to Sharing Option

When you select a sharing option from the Share menu, you will receive step-by-step instructions, similar to the example below.


If you would like more detailed instructions, you can refer to the following Help Center articles, each one addressing a specific sharing option.

Sharing Option Help Center Article
SundaySky Landing Page: no personalization Using the SundaySky Landing Page
SundaySky Landing Page: File Upload Using File Upload to Connect Data
SundaySky Landing Page: URL Parameters Using URL Parameters to Connect Data
Embed Code into a Webpage: no personalization Embedding the SundaySky Player in a Webpage
Embed Code into a Webpage: File Upload Using File Upload to Connect Data
Embed Code into a Webpage: URL Parameters Using URL Parameters to Connect Data
Embed Code into a Webpage: SundaySky API Data Connector: SundaySky API
Facebook Sharing a Video on Facebook
LinkedIn Sharing a Video on LinkedIn
MP4 Downloading a Video as an MP4 File
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