Salesforce, a leading CRM platform enabling a business to effectively manage its customers, is a hub that stores large amounts of data in a central repository. This abundance of data can be tapped into and used for personalizing your videos. With Salesforce as your data source, data is pulled in real time from Salesforce records when a viewer clicks play and a personalized video is generated.

The integration process consists of a series of steps, with most of the actions performed in the SundaySky Video Platform.

In this article, you'll find the prerequisites for the integration, the authentication process explained step-by-step, and the key points that you need to be aware of to ensure a successful data integration.

The information in this article pertaining to Salesforce was accurate at the time of writing (November 2023) and may have changed since then. If there is any doubt, we recommend that you refer to official Salesforce resources.

Key Points

  • A single SundaySky account can be integrated with only one Salesforce account.

  • The Salesforce integration setup needs to be performed one time only. Once the integration has been configured, you can use your Salesforce account as a data source with any data library in your account.

  • Your Salesforce data is never stored on SundaySky servers. The integration pulls specific records in real time when a viewer clicks to watch a video, ensuring the use of the latest data without the need to store any data on SundaySky servers.

  • Following are the standard objects that can be pulled from the Salesforce account for use in personalization:
    • Account
    • Asset
    • Campaign
    • Case
    • Contact
    • Contract
    • Incident
    • Invoice
    • Lead
    • Opportunity
    • Order
    • Price Book
    • Product
    • Promotion
    • Solution
    • User

  • In addition to the standard objects listed above, custom objects that are specific to your Salesforce account can also be pulled.
  • If you need to reauthenticate or remove the Salesforce connector for any reason, see Data Connector Management to learn how.


SundaySky Video Platform

The SundaySky user needs to have Editor or Account Manager permissions in order to implement a Salesforce integration.


The person implementing the integration needs to have the following subscriptions, access, and permissions in their Salesforce account:


An Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance, or Professional edition of Salesforce.


A Salesforce user account with API Enabled and Read permissions for objects and fields from which you want to pull data to SundaySky. For more information, refer to Salesforce help articles regarding profiles and permission sets.
Ideally, this should be a dedicated user account for integration purposes and not a user tied to an individual employee. This will ensure continuity if the employee leaves the company.
In addition, we recommend granting permissions to only those objects and fields that are required for video personalization and restricting all others.

Authentication Process


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Data in the sidebar.


Select the data library that you want to use or create a new one.


Click Select in the data source section.




 Select the Salesforce data connector and then click Select at the bottom of the window.




 Click Authenticate in New Window.




In the window that opens, make sure that Production is selected for the Salesforce instance type.




Click Create at the bottom of the window.


Enter your Salesforce credentials and then click Log In.




Click Allow at the bottom of the window to grant SundaySky access to all the listed Salesforce services.




After the authentication process is completed successfully, the following message is displayed.




In the data source section, the data connector, Salesforce, is now displayed.




(Optional) Continue to field mapping.
▶ This can also be done at a later time.



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