What Are Severity Levels?

When you submit a support request to our Support Team, you'll need to let us know the severity of the problem that you're experiencing.

Setting a severity level allows SundaySky to prioritize the handling of support requests with the appropriate level of urgency. In some cases, after your support request is reviewed by a member of our team, the severity level may be raised or lowered accordingly.


To help you determine the severity level to select, you can refer to the examples following each category below.

Use this level when you have a complete loss of service or a significant feature is completely unavailable.
➤The Builder is unavailable
➤All videos are failing in production

Use this level when a major functionality is affected or there is a significant change in performance.
➤You receive an error when you try to create or activate a version
➤You receive an error when creating a data element
➤You receive an error when you try to upload narrations or assets

Use this level when you're experiencing a small inconvenience, a cosmetic issue, or want to request a new feature.
➤How-to questions
➤Minor animation and content issues
➤System errors with minor impact

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