A placeholder is a stand-in for an area of content, and the minimum building unit in the creation of video experiences. The content defined in the placeholder can be:

  • dynamic or static. If dynamic, the placeholder will show on each video the relevant content, as received from the real-time data feeds
  • text, image, video, hotspot or narration, depending on what we want to define.

To create placeholders: 

  • Navigate to a frame (formerly called a scene part)by clicking a scene open using the blue arrow
  • On the upper right corner, locate the icon toolbar. Each icon represents a different type of placeholder.
  • Select the type of placeholder you want to create
  • Enter the placeholder name in the pop-up window
  • A placeholder will appear as a grey box
  • With the placeholder you want to edit selected, look to the right panel, called placeholder logic, to define the rules. 
  • To rename, create a list, or delete a placeholder right-click the box. 

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