Sometimes you don’t want a scene to play.  Some of those reasons may include:

  1. I may choose not to use the scene as part of a certain story because it doesn't fit its narrative

  2. I may choose not to display the scene for a particular audience because it doesn't relate to that audience, or I want to focus on something else

  3. or, regardless of who watches the scene and when I don't want to play the scene if the data it relies on is partial or missing

The first two reasons are more related to storytelling. By using scene editor, I can create different stories that use different scenes. For each story, I can define a decision point that branch the scene line-ups based on audience characteristics.

In this guide, we'll focus on the third reason. I can use the Scene Validation Logic when I want to skip a scene because it doesn't meet its basic requirements.


  1. Open the scene editor
  2. Select the scene you'd like to edit
  3. Click on its title. The logic panel to the right will display the scene name next to the scene icon (Image 1)
  4. Open the Scene Validation tab
  5. Set up the validation logic, like any other logic rule

Image 1
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