How to preview and download a sample scene or video

In the preview section, you can visualize how creative, content, and logic come together to form a video-powered experience.


  1. Click the Preview icon on the upper toolbar (Image 1).
  2. In "Video Preview" the third panel, select the story or scenes you want to preview from the drop-down menu (Image 2).
  3. In "Sample Profile", the first panel, select a sample data set to edit and test (Image 2).
  4. Open "Logic Preview" to review any errors or warnings (Image 2).
  5. In "Video Preview" click the play button to render your video (Image 2).
  6. Click the three dots icon to download the sample video (Image 2).


Screen_Shot_2020-01-31_at_2.41.53_PM.png(Image 1)



(Image 2) 

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