Updating on-screen text from a placeholder

You can edit on-screen text if it's in a text placeholder. Follow these steps to make your updates:

  1. From the Scenes tab in the Builder identify the relevant scene
  2. Find and click on text placeholder by looking through the frames (formerly parts), and finding one of the grey boxes that includes the static on-screen text. 
  3. To ensure you selected the correct placeholder, look at the logic panel, and look for the text you want to change. Black text represents words that can be changed. 
  4. Click the black text to edit. You'll see the words underlined in blue and next to it, three dots. 
  5. Make your edits and click enter.

You've now made an edit to your program in draft mode. To test your changes, you can click on the blue Test button or preview your video changes on the preview page. If you're happy with your changes, remember to save a version, and test it in dev, UAT, and prod.





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