How to analyze views, CTAs, & survey metrics


If you want to quickly check on a program's performance you can find top-level performance indicators in the Program Overview's summary dashboard.



Views - The total number of views for the program and timeframe. 

Unique Views The count of unique viewers for the program and timeframe.

CTA Clicks - The count of CTA (call-to-action) button clicks

AVV (Average video view)- is the average percentage of the video viewed by customers

CTA View Rate - The percentage of viewers who saw the CTAs (calls-to-action)in the CTA scene.

CTA Click Rate - The percentage of viewers who clicked a CTA out of those who saw the CTA. 

Surveys Submitted - The count of surveys submitted

Survey Submit Rate - The percentage of surveys submitted out of surveys displayed

Technical Definitions

Views - view = has a client-side event, player progress >0, no error OR if no client-side events, streaming event exists or is found in cache, etc.

Unique Views - Typically the count of distinct sskyvisitorids

CTA Clicks - Total count of videos where a CTA was clicked

AVV (Average video view) - The player progress (or 0-100%) is recorded for each view, AVV takes the average of all views. It does not count cases where we did not receive the data (downloaded, not our player, etc).

CTA View Rate - is calculated with this formula:  Count of CTA Scene Views / Count of Total Views 

  • CTA scene view =1 when the viewer's last scene contains "CTA"
  • CTA Scene = 0 when the viewer's last scene does not contain "CTA"
  • The view rate does not take into account multiple CTAs.

CTA Click Rate is calculated with this formula: (The count of views when the CTA clicked = True) / (Count of views when the CTA displayed = True). The formula does not take into account multiple CTA clicks or displays (purely boolean Y/N). 

Surveys Submitted -is calculated with this formula:  Count of survey submitted displays = True.

Survey Submit Rate - is calculated with this formula: Count of survey submitted= True / Count of Survey Displayed=True

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