How to archive programs from the main display

If you're a Builder or Framework editor you can remove a program from appearing in the account's main program display by archiving it. Any user can toggle between folders. You may want to archive a program if it's a duplicate, no longer relevant, or you want to clear up your Studio workspace. Archiving and unarchiving a program does not impact program content or those in production. 

To archive a program:

From the main panel click the three-dot menu, archive, then ok. The program moves to the archive folder and is removed from the Programs overview page. 

To unarchive a program: 

Click the "All Programs" tab and select "Archived". Click the three-dot button on the right and select "Unarchive". The program will now be accessible in the main display panel. 

Create a Builder draft

The +Builder option gives you the ability to open a Builder draft if a program doesn't have one already. 






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