You can easily share a Framework draft with a coworker who doesn't have a Studio account by giving them access to a stand-alone webpage and universal login credentials. Viewers can click through the framework columns, see real-time updates, but can not edit the draft. 


  1. Navigate to the Framework draft you want to share
  2.  Select the view you want to share by collapsing or expanding columns
  3. Copy the webpage address (URL)
  4. Share the URL and these universal credentials: user name: password: Sundaysky1!


  • If you're an existing Studio user, log out of your account, and log in with the universal credentials to see how the webpage appears. Alternatively, open a browser in incognito mode and paste the address. 
  • If you want to share a different view (with more or fewer columns), return to the Framework, update your view, and resend the new web address. 
  • To view the framework draft, you must have access to the webpage address and the universal login credentials. 
  • The webpage will not expire

Remember, you can always contact your customer success manager or submit a support ticket to request new users!


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