How to use the "Views Trend" chart


The "Views Trend Chart" overlays two key engagement metrics over time. 

Graph Structure

You can view the time frame on the x-axis. Use the -/+ buttons on the lower-left corner to zoom-out to months, quarters, and years.

The blue bar chart represents the views over time and is measured on the left y-axis.

The red trend line represents your trend metric selection; you can change the metric in the right-hand corner drop-down menu. This metric is measured on the right y-axis. 

You can hover or click on the chart to view exact values. 



  • Views Trend with Avg % of Video View - the average percentage of the video viewed by consumers over time. 
  • Video Trend with CTA Display Rate -  the average rate at which the CTA (call-to-action) was displayed to viewers over time. 
  • Views Trend with CTA Click Rate -  the average rate at which viewers clicked a CTA button over time. 
  • Views Trend with Survey Submit Rate - the average rate that viewers submitted answers to the survey during or after the video-powered experience.

Read more about trend metric technical definitions in this article.


  1. Why is there so much fluctuation? Because most of these metrics depend on volume, so if it's very low one day it could greatly skew the rate.
  2. How can I see this over weeks/months/years? Click the small minus sign in the lower left-hand corner to "zoom-out" to weeks, then again to months.
  3. How can I see the exact percentage? Hover over the chart at the point you're looking for data. 
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