How to review "Engagement by Platform"


The "Engagement by Platform" chart compares viewer engagement based on the platform the viewer consumed the video-powered experience.  This section dynamically changes based on your engagement with the Views Trend chart above. Here you can learn how the platform influenced performance metrics.


Use this chart with the "Views Trend by Platform" graph to the right to analyze platform-level performance and engagement. 


Platform - Specifies where the viewer watched the video-powered experience.  Null values represent views where we were not able to capture the data.

  • Desktop = self-explanatory (dark blue)
  • Mobile = Mobile phones or Tablet (light blue)
  • Other = game consoles, smartTVs, wearables, etc. (light grey)

AVV (Average video view)- Shows the average percentage of the video viewed by customers split between desktop and mobile platforms. 

CTA View Rate - Shows the percentage of viewers who saw CTAs (calls-to-action) in the CTA scene split between desktop or mobile platforms. 

CTA Click Rate - Shows the average rate at which viewers clicked a CTA button split between desktop and mobile platforms. 

% of Total Views - Shows the percentage of total views on desktop and mobile.  


  1. Why do the total views not add up to view count at the top of the dashboard? The total view count includes those which we may not have received data on, so in the breakout, they are in the "Other" group, which may be hidden.
  2. Why do these averages seem different than the metric at the top? Some metrics vary greatly when split between platform groups, and they need to be weighted by the number of views rather than taking a straight average.
  3. Can I filter the dashboard by only desktop or mobile? Yes, click the bar in the chart, and select what platform to "keep" vs. "exclude" from the menu. Press ESC to refresh the chart.
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