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Views Trend Chart

  1. Why is there so much fluctuation? Because most of these metrics depend on volume, so if it's very low one day it could greatly skew the rate.
  2. How can I see this over weeks/months/years? Click the small minus sign in the lower left-hand corner to "zoom-out" to weeks, then again to months.
  3. How can I see the exact percentage? Hover over the chart at the point you're looking for data. 

Engagement by Platform

  1. Why do the total views not add up to view count at the top of the dashboard? The total view count includes those which we may not have received data on, so in the breakout, they are in the "Other" group, which may be hidden.
  2. Why do these averages seem different than the metric at the top? Some metrics vary greatly when split between platform groups, and they need to be weighted by the number of views rather than taking a straight average.
  3. Can I filter the dashboard by only desktop or mobile? Yes, click the bar in the chart, or right-click to include or exclude a platform. Press ESC to refresh the chart.

Views by Last Scene

  1. Wow! the CTA Scene has the majority of views, is that normal? Yes, and that's a good sign.
  2. Why is there such a huge dropoff on scene X? The dropoff could indicate different aspects of the scene -  including length, engagement, relevance, order, or quality of information of the scene. We will work with you to review the dropoff in the context of the program. 
  3. What is a typical drop off? Views by last the scene are very dependent on the program's use case. For example, if it's a reminder video or one a viewer has seen before, there may be a high rate of dropoff during the scenes before the CTA. It's the same if the goal of the video is to educate the viewer. Viewers may drop once they get the info they need. A high dropoff during the opening may mean that the audience wasn't properly scoped, viewers don't find it relevant, or simply that they cannot watch a video at that moment.

CTA Clicks & Click Rates

CTA Click Rates: 

  1. Why do these look different than the click rate in the Program Overview tab? The click rates here are per CTA, not overall. It is possible for CTAs to be displayed a different number of times.
  2. Why is the % missing for one CTA? The percentage will be missing for a CTA if there were no displays or clicks. 
  3. Why is there a missing or extra CTA? CTAs populate based on the time frame selected. If there was a new CTA added, it should show automatically, unless there are already 4 in each row - then reach out to your success manager to create a new row. 

CTA Clicks: 

  1. Why are these percentages different than the ones above? This is the raw number of clicks out of all clicks. The above is through the lens of each CTA separately. It is possible for a CTA to have a click rate of 50% at the top and only 10 total clicks, the smallest portion of the pie.
  2. Why aren't all of the CTAs shown?  To keep the pie chart clean, only the top 4-6 CTAs are typically included, the rest fall into "Other"

Survey Analysis

  1. What does the null category mean?  This means the viewer left the answer blank. Viewers don't always answer every question. 


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