Product Updates - July 2020

We're excited to share news about the enhancements we made to the SundaySky video player that further elevate the viewer experience. You don't need to take any action; the player updates automatically. 
  • We modernized the animated gif that's displayed while a video renders in real-time. This will not replace any brand-specific gif you've developed with SundaySky. 
  • We improved ADA support by adding a border to the player progress bar. Before, if the page background were white, the bar would blend into the page. Now, viewers can more easily identify and interact with the video. 
  • We elevated the mobile experience. Now, the player will also play inline in iOS by default to create a smoother experience.
  • We optimized for full screen. When a viewer enters full screen, and the player ratio is different from the screen ratio, they will see a black background rather than white around the video player.
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