Product Updates - April 2020

SundaySky remains committed to your success and communicating feature releases during these difficult times. Below you’ll find enhancements we made in March to improve your Studio experience.


Share a Framework Draft 

You can share a view-only draft to coworkers who don’t have Studio accounts by sending a stand-alone webpage and universal login credentials. Viewers can click through the Framework columns and see real-time content changes. Read the full instructions in this help article.


New Analytics Help Section

We published content to provide you with more information about customer engagement and program performance. You can access metric and chart explanations, calculations, and FAQs in the help center's Analytics Dashboard section and through the Studio's blue help tab.


Hub URL Removed from Service

We removed the Studio's legacy web address,, from service, meaning you will no longer be redirected to the Studio from this link. Please update your bookmarks with to reflect this change. 

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