Once you have finished creating your video and are happy with the result, you're ready for publishing.

The end result of publishing is that the latest version of your video is deployed to your channels. If you have used data in your video, viewers will see a customized version tailored especially for them. If you haven't used data, all your viewers will see the same video version.

Currently in the SundaySky platform, there are two methods by which you can publish your video. The publishing method configured for your account is based on several technical considerations.

You can identify your publishing method by the button that is displayed on the video page:

Button Publishing Method
Publish_to_channels_button.jpg Direct Track

For step-by-step guidelines, see Publishing a Video via Direct Track
approve_version_button.jpg Via SundaySky

For step-by-step guidelines, see Publishing a Video via SundaySky


Video Page Examples



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