Once you have successfully completed the QA process for your program and are happy with the result, you are ready to publish your program.

It is important to know that when you publish your program from the Editor, it does not immediately go live. The program undergoes additional QA testing by SundaySky to ensure that all technical aspects are working properly.

Your Project Manager will update you when SundaySky completes this final testing, following which your program can be launched in the relevant channels.



Access the program that you want to publish.


Click Approve & Publish at the top of the page.
▶ You can also click Approve & Publish from within Preview mode.



Click Approve to Publish.



In the Approve to Publish dialog:
a. Enter a version name for your program.
▶ Use a name that will help you to distinguish this version from any future versions.

b. (Optional) Enter comments regarding this version. If you are publishing an update to a program, use this section to note the changes that were made.

c. Click Save.


The following success message is displayed, indicating that your program has been moved to SundaySky for final testing.


The Overview page of the program is also updated, displaying date stamps next to each of the program statuses.

a. Draft: here you'll see who last edited the program and on what date. If required, you can make more edits to the program but if you would like the edits to be included in a published version, you will need to Approve to Publish again and create a new version.

b. Approved: Here you'll see the date on which you approved this program and moved it to SundaySky for final QA testing.

c. Published: Here you'll see the date on which the program is published and goes live. In the example below, the program has not yet been published.


At this stage, SundaySky will carry out its testing and your Project Manager will update you regarding all progress. When this stage is completed, your program will be launched by SundaySky and a date stamp will be added to the Published status.


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