In addition to the fonts included in the SundaySky library, you can upload more fonts that you have created or purchased. The fonts you upload are installed only in your account and can be used by all users with access to the account.

Once you upload a font, you can apply it to any text style in any brand.

As a font is uploaded via a brand, you can upload a font when you need it for a specific brand.
Alternatively, you can upload fonts at any time via any brand and have them ready for future use.
The guidelines in this article describe the latter scenario: uploading fonts ahead of time.

Uploading a Font


In the Studio, click Brand in the sidebar.




Hover over any brand thumbnail to see the three-dot Actions menu.



3. Click the three-dot menu and then select Edit.


4. In the Text Styles section, hover over any one of the text styles and then click the Edit icon.


5. Click the down arrow to open the font drop-down list.


6. Click +Add Font.



In your local or cloud storage, locate and select the font file (one or more) that you want to upload.
▶ Supported font formats are TrueType fonts (.ttf files) and OpenType fonts (.otf files).




Click Open.


The fonts are added to the Your Fonts section of the font list.
▶ Note that each font name (taken from the font metadata) is displayed using its own typeface.



Using an Uploaded Font

You'll see the fonts you uploaded when you select a font for a text style. A text style is a component of a brand.

The fonts you upload are located in the Your Fonts section.
The SundaySky fonts are located in the Font Library section.


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