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Filtering the Dashboard by Date
Click Rate by Button
Click Rate by Button and Platform
Total Displays Versus Total Clicks

The Clicks Summary section of the dashboard provides you with information and insights regarding the performance of the buttons in your video: which buttons are receiving the most views and clicks.


Filtering the Dashboard by Date

By default, the dashboard displays data for the past 30 days. If you would like to see data from a different date range, adjust the date settings as described below.

Note that the date range selected will apply to all the widgets in your dashboard.


Click the 3 lines in the upper-right corner to open the Date Range settings.



Set the date range using either of the following options (Predefined or Custom):

Predefined Custom
Click Predefined and then select a date range from the drop-down list.


Click the X to close the window.

Click Rate by Button

This widget displays the percentage of clicks each button received in the video out of the number of times it was viewed, during the date period selected.


Hovering over a specific number displays a trend graph for the date period selected (example below).


Click Rate by Button and Platform

This widget compares the average count of button clicks based on the platform on which the viewers watched the video. The bars in this widget correspond to the button name in the Click Rate by Button widget according to color.


To compare according to channel, open the drop-down list and select Channel.


Total Displays Versus Total Clicks

The widgets in this section provide the following information:

  • How many times was the button displayed during the date period selected, out of all the buttons that were displayed? This is the % of Total Displays.
  • Out of those that saw the button, how many clicked it out of all the button clicks? This is the % of Total Clicks.

You can identify the button associated with the pie chart data by the color in which it is displayed.
In the example below, the following information can be extracted for the Schedule a Visit With Your PCP button (displayed in magenta):

  • This button received 34.6% of the clicks.
  • The button was displayed 81 times (29% of all the button displays).
  • Out of the 81 times that the button was displayed, it was clicked 28 times (65% of all the total clicks).


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