The sound volumes in your video can easily be adjusted to levels that both suit your video and are balanced between them. These volumes relate to the three sound sources in the video:

Adjusting the volume of the music and voice-over can be especially helpful when you don't want one to overpower the other.


The sound volumes that you adjust apply to your entire video and not to a specific scene.


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


From the scene line-up, select any scene.


Click the preview button in the workspace.


4. Click the play button to preview the video with sound.


5. To adjust the sound volumes, click the Audio levels icon.


6. Use the volume sliders to adjust the sound of each source, as required.
▶ Click the sound icon sound_icon.jpg to set the maximum volume to 150%.
▶ Click the mute icon mute_icon.jpg to turn the sound source off completely.
  In the example below, the voice-over is played at a high volume while the background music is played at a lower level. This will enable the audience to hear the narration more clearly.


7. After each sound adjustment, save your changes and preview the video.
▶ You can always reset all three sound volumes by clicking the Reset iconReset_icon.pngand then clicking Save.

Remember that the sound settings you save always apply to the entire video.

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