When you flip a media asset horizontally or vertically, you create a mirror image of the original.
The guidelines in this article apply to both a static image and to video footage.

Flipping a Media Asset

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.
2. From the scene line-up, select the relevant scene.
3. Select the media asset that you want to flip.
4. On the toolbar, click the Edit media icon.
5. Click the Edit asset icon.
  The media asset is opened in the media editor.
6. Click Flip vertically or Flip horizontally.
7. Drag the cropping window to select the part of the media asset that you want to display in the placeholder.
▶ You can also resize the media asset by dragging the corner handles.
8. When you are happy with the result, click Apply in the bottom right corner.
9. Click anywhere outside the Media dialog window to close the window.
  The media asset is updated in the placeholder.


1. While you are working, you can always click the Reset button in the upper right corner to discard the changes and start again.
2. If you access the media asset after editing, you'll see the section you cropped within the original asset. This will enable you to crop and flip a different section whenever you need to.
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