As you add a voice-over script to a scene—with personalization or without—you can preview the voice-over using a natural-sounding automated voice. The platform includes a variety of voices from which you can choose.

The automated voice you choose for previewing can also be the voice used when publishing the finished video. See Adding an Automated Voice to the Video to learn more.

The guidelines in this article apply to previewing your voice-over as you work on a scene. If you would like to preview the voice-over while watching the full video, see Previewing a Video.

Previewing a Voice-Over Using an Automated Voice


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Voice-over in the sidebar.


Choose the voice that you want to use for previewing. See Choosing an Automated Voice to learn how.


Select the scene with the voice-over that you want to preview.


Select the voice-over placeholder that contains the script.




On the toolbar, click the play icon to listen to the voice-over script.
▶ If the voice-over is personalized, double-click the placeholder to see other variations that you can preview.




As the voice-over plays, its duration is displayed in the placeholder.
▶ If the voice-over script includes a data field, the name of the data field (for example: first name) is narrated and not the actual value.



Choosing an Automated Voice


Select Voice-over in the sidebar.


Browse through the collection of voices.
▶ If you are looking for a specific voice, type the name in the search bar at the top of the window.
▶ You can also sort the voices according to name, gender, or language by clicking the column headings.



As you browse, you can click the play button by the voice name to listen to a short sample.


When you decide on the voice that you want to use, select the name and then click Done at the bottom of the window.



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