The voice-over in your video can be personalized for your viewers using data unique to them.

Here are some examples of how a voice-over can be personalized to create a more customized viewing experience:

1. In an opening scene, the viewer's name can be narrated after saying Hello.

2. In a video announcing a new loyalty program, the number of reward points that a viewer earned can be narrated in a scene.

3. In a college recruitment video, the name of the viewer's high school can be narrated in the relevant scene.

1:1 personalization is based on data that is passed to SundaySky for each viewer. In order to implement 1:1 personalization in a voice-over, you'll need to create the relevant data element together with the values that this data element can have.

For example:
If you are narrating Welcome to the  {department name} department,
you would create a data element called department name together with the possible values that this data element can have (Finance, People, Customer Support, R&D).

bell-on.png If you do not add the department name values, this data element will not be eligible for narration.

Managing the SundaySky Data Element Library to learn how to create data elements and values. Before you begin scripting, we recommend that you also read 9 Best Practices for Voice-over Scripting.


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to script.



Hover over the narration placeholder to see the blue borders and then click inside the placeholder.


The placeholder text is selected in the right pane.



Begin by typing the script that you want everyone to hear and then click anywhere outside the text field to save.



In the text field, position your cursor where you want to insert the personalized data and then type a left curly bracket


A drop-down list with the available data elements is displayed. If the data element that you want to narrate is not displayed in the drop-down list, make sure that you have added values to the data element.



Select the data element that you want to personalize and then click anywhere outside the text field to save. In the example below, viewers will hear the word Hi followed by their first name. They will then hear the remainder of the sentence, beginning with Welcome.
▶ A microphone icon Microphone_icon.png is added to the narration placeholder to indicate that a data element has been added.
▶ Only one data element can be added to a narration placeholder.



Type the script that you want for the voice-over when data is not available. In the example below: if a viewer's first name is not included in the record, the voice-over will be: Hi! Welcome, and thank you for choosing us for your banking needs.



Preview the voice-over.

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