When you skip a scene in a video, that scene is not included in the video that you publish for your viewers.

There are two options for skipping a scene:

a. Skipping a scene for everyone. This is useful when you are still working on a scene and do not yet want to include it in the published video.


Skipping a scene for a specific audience. This is useful when you don't want to show a scene to a specific segment. This option is based on data that is passed to SundaySky for each viewer (to learn more, see Video Personalization—How it Works).
For example: if you are creating a video to explain a new service, you'll want viewers who have already signed up for the service to skip the scene explaining how to sign up.

By default, no scenes are skipped in a video.


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to skip.


In the right panel, the skipping options are displayed:



Select either of the following options:

Eye_Slash.png Skip scene for everyone

Use this option when you want to skip the scene for all viewers. In the scene line-up, the scene thumbnail is marked as in the example below:


Users.png Skip scene for specific audiences
Use this option to skip the scene for one or more viewer segments.
After selecting the option:


Click the down arrow to open the Audience drop-down list.




 Select the data element by which you want to segment your viewers.




In Skip scene for, open the drop-down list and select the relevant values.
▶ In the example below, viewers holding a Gold or Silver credit card will not see the scene.




In the scene line-up, the scene thumbnail is marked as in the example below:



When Previewing a Video with Skipped Scenes:


If you preview an individual scene that is skipped for everyone, the message below is displayed. To cancel the skipping action, click Unskip Scene on this page.

This action will result in the following:
a. The scene is played in the preview and
b. The scene configuration is updated to Show scene to everyone.




If you preview a full video that has skipped scenes, these scenes will not appear in the preview and you cannot unskip them (as you can when you preview an individual scene).


If you attempt to preview a scene using a viewer profile that is tied to the skipped scene, the following message is displayed:


For example: the viewer profile includes Card Type = Gold and you have defined this scene to be skipped for all viewers belonging to the Gold audience.

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