Uploading Assets to the Media Library

In addition to the media assets available in the Getty libraries, you can also upload your own assets to the SundaySky video platform. All these media assets are saved in My uploads, ready for use in any of your videos.

You can upload a single media asset to a specific placeholder or you can upload multiple assets and have them ready for future use.

The media library is located at the account level, meaning that all users with access to your account can access the media assets that you uploaded to the library.

Media Specifications

Image Video

● Supported image formats: PNG, JPG, and GIF
● Maximum file size: 10 MB

Uploading a Media Asset

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to add a media asset to.




Double-click the media placeholder.




Click Media library.
▶ If you are replacing an asset, a thumbnail of the current media asset is displayed.




If a media asset was previously removed from the placeholder, you'll need to click the plus sign.


The My uploads library is displayed.




Click Upload Media.




Upload your file by clicking browse or by dragging the file into the area bordered by the dotted lines.
▶ In addition to the media asset that you are uploading to the placeholder, you can upload up to 100 files that you want to add to your uploads library and use in future videos.




The media asset is uploaded to your library.




Select the media asset that you want to add to the scene and then click Use at the bottom of the page.
▶ You can also double-click the media asset.




Click anywhere outside the media window to save your selection.




The media asset is added to the scene.



Deleting a Media Asset

To keep your uploads organized, you may want to delete media assets from time to time. If the media asset that you want to delete is included in a video, it will be removed only from the library and not from the video.

1. In My uploads, search for the media asset that you want to delete.
▶ You can filter the media type—images or videos—before you begin searching.



Hover over the asset thumbnail and then click the trash icon in the corner.




If you're sure that you want to delete the asset, click Delete.




The media asset is deleted from your uploads.

Video Optimization

A video asset with the following features will play optimally in a SundaySky video:

● 25 fps (frames per second)
● Maximum resolution of 1920 (width) by 1080 (height)
● H.264 video codec

If you upload a video asset that does not have one of the above features, it will be optimized automatically for both performance and quality (according to the above features). The optimization process does not change the video asset visually in any way.

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