Product Update—October 2021




Now you can add an interactive chapter window enabling viewers to find the information they need without scrolling. We also introduced chapter-level reporting, giving insight into how viewers engage per topic. Discover chapters ⇛


Media Library

The release lets you upload images and videos and access them in a central library. You can quickly confirm all media uploads are on brand and easily reuse them across video programs. Add media ⇛

Music Library

We launched the ability to add your own music tracks to maintain brand guidelines. Upload music ⇛

Logo Display Options

To provide you with more creative flexibility, we added the option to hide or show a logo in a scene. Read about logos ⇛

Analytics Dashboards

We published articles that explain ways to interpret video metrics and understand video effectiveness. Analyze now ⇛


Design High-Impact Emails

We synthesized years of SundaySky expertise to help you create powerful emails that drive open rates and video views. Learn more ⇛

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