Product Update—November 2021

Brand-New Themes

We launched three themes to provide you with more creative freedom and style choices. With themes, you can achieve beautiful videos with simple images. We also published guidance on what to consider when choosing a theme. Explore themes ⇛

Personalization Made Easy

Now it's possible to create infinite video variations in minutes. The new feature makes 1:1 personalization and audience messaging a breeze. Learn more ⇛

Add Subtle Motion to Media

Use the new zoom-in effect to add continuous movement to any image, logo, or icon—no animation skills required. Try the effect ⇛

New Chapter Capabilities

We added interactivity options to improve the viewer experience. Among other updates, video watchers can now open and close the chapter menu and see the chapter's title and timestamp. Learn more ⇛

Download with Closed-Captions

You can now download videos with closed captions in one click. Learn how ⇛

Media Library Enhancements

It’s faster to upload files in bulk and find media with search. Read how to upload and search for media

Scene Update

We streamlined scene-building by making each scene one frame. As a result, you won't see "frames" in your workspace for new videos. Learn more ⇛

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