What Determines the Length of a Scene?

There are three durations that are taken into account when determining the length of a scene:

a. The duration of the voice-over when narrated.
b. The duration of the animation in the scene (based on the theme).
c. The duration of a video (if included in the scene).
By default, the video does not determine the length of the scene and is played only until the end of the voice-over or animation. If the video is longer and you would like to play all of it, see Playing a Video to the End.

Assuming the video is played to the end, the longest duration (of the 3 mentioned above) determines the length of the scene.


For example, If:
  The duration of the voice-over is 7 seconds.
and The duration of the animation is 5 seconds.
and The absolute duration of the video is 6 seconds.

The length of the scene is 7 seconds.

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