When using this publishing method, you approve your video once you have completed the creation process. The video then moves to SundaySky where a set of technical integrations are put into place. Once this stage is completed, SundaySky will publish your video after which it can be launched in the relevant channels.


Access the video that you want to publish.


Review the entire video in Preview mode to make sure that it is ready for publishing.


On the video page, click Approve Version.


If you clicked Approve Version by mistake, there is no need to worry. Clicking Approve Version only moved your video to SundaySky for further processing. Your video was not published to your active channels and it was not at any time visible to your viewers. Your video will only be published after you contact SundaySky and explicitly request to do so (see step 4 below).


Contact SundaySky to notify that you have clicked Approve Version and would now like to publish the video.

You can monitor the status of the publishing process from the video page as your video passes through several stages. If you have created a landing page using SundaySky's landing page builder, you'll see additional indications in the Channels section.


Before Approving Version
Note the Last Edited date. Here you'll see who last edited the video and on what date.



After Approving Version
At this stage, while the video is being processed, you can see the progress of the processing.



Processing by SundaySky
In this stage, SundaySky will complete the technical integrations after which the video will be published.



Video Published by SundaySky
Going forward, you can make more edits to the video but if you would like the edits to be included in a published version, you will need to click Approve Version again and create a new version.
After clicking Approve Version, contact SundaySky (just as you did when first publishing) to notify that you would like to publish the video again.


If you've built a landing page using SundaySky's landing page builder, you can activate the page once your video has been published.

In the example below, the video has been published while the status of the landing page is still inactive.


To activate the landing page, click the three dots at the end of the row and then select Activate Page.


The landing page status is updated accordingly:


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