If your program is configured to use this publishing method, you can publish your program (video) directly to your channel without requiring any intervention from SundaySky.

In most cases, this is the publishing method that you will use when your program has the following attributes:

If your program includes other attributes such as human narration or data integration using a non-CSV method, reach out to your SundaySky Project Manager if you'd like to use the Direct Track publishing method.


Access the program that you want to publish.


Review the entire video in Preview mode to make sure that it is ready for publishing.


On the Overview page, click Publish to Channels.
▶ You can also click Publish to Channels from within Preview mode.


If you have created a landing page using SundaySky's landing page builder, you'll see additional indications in the Channels section during the publishing process.


Before Publishing
At this stage, the status of the landing page is Inactive. This is the channel to which the program will be published.


While the program is being published, the following message is displayed:



After Publishing
At this stage, the video has been published successfully and can be shared in your channel.


Note that you'll need to activate the channel before continuing to the next stage.


You're now ready to generate links to the landing page so that viewers can see the video you created.


See this article to learn about all the relevant options.

If you make a change to the program, SundaySky will detect this and notify you that an update is available for the program. In such a case, you will need to click Publish Updates to initiate the publishing flow, after which the content will be updated in the channels.


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