Best Practices for Ad Creation Using SundaySky

Videos created using the SundaySky platform can be used for advertising or paid media placements. SundaySky's video creation tools and advertising technology solutions simplify the creation and deployment of ad campaigns. Video ads built with SundaySky leverage distinct scenes to provide relevance to viewers. Each ad can be enhanced by data to amplify messaging and reach. As you build, here are some best practices to increase the effectiveness of your ad.


Best Practice #1: 

Plan For Length Based on Platform

Most commonly, ads are featured across publisher sites through programmatic placement. Ads in programmatic are a high-value experience because they play just before the publisher's content, retaining a viewer's focus.

Ads can also be placed on YouTube, social media platforms, and streaming services via connected TVs. Each of these placements has a different video length requirement that you should consider when creating your ad. As a general rule, ad length is typically limited to 15 or 30 seconds but here are more specific guidelines for different platforms.

Programmatic YouTube Facebook and Instagram Connected TV
Videos should be 15 to 30 seconds in length depending on the media placement specifications.


Best Practice #2: 

Build the Right Foundation

To fulfill the length requirements as detailed above, each scene should be approximately 5 seconds long. Use of three 5-second scenes will accommodate 15-second placements while 30-second placements can include 1-2 additional scenes for further context. Over years building and testing video advertisements, SundaySky has optimized around a four-scene lineup that maximizes engagement. Here are the scenes we recommend including in your video:


Opening Scene—An Introduction to the Brand
In your opening scene, capture the viewer's attention by prominently featuring your brand in both the narration and in the visuals on-screen. Add in personalization (audience segmentation) to increase engagement. One way to do this is to cater the opening scene to a viewer's interests by leveraging customer segmentation data, a viewer's measured site behavior, or their buying stage. The more compelling and relevant your opening scene, the more likely a viewer is to engage with your video.


Product or Service Scene—Showcase Your Product or Service
In a product or service scene, highlight the products or services that you'd like to advertise. A product feed can enhance personalization and relevance to the viewer by sharing targeted product recommendations, resurfacing products a customer viewed previously, or highlighting top-selling items from a product category that they have shown interest in.


Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point (USP) Scene—Highlight How Your Brand Adds Value
Competition for market share is greater than ever. Beyond simple product-focused messaging, a USP scene affords the opportunity to share your brand promise with a viewer. In this scene, we recommend that you feature secondary benefits, your brand mission, or other reasons to believe in your brand, your product, or your service. By crystallizing your brand promise to a viewer in this way, they are more likely to transact with you. To move the needle, consider topics such as loyalty or rewards programs, online account features, or promotions such as free shipping. The USP scene is also a great place to A/B test brand messaging in order to gauge how your brand is resonating against viewer segments.


Call to Action (CTA) Scene—Drive the Desired Action
The CTA scene is best used to drive a viewer's next action. Include a direct call-to-action button using your main conversion goal as the prompt. Two examples are "Shop Now" and "Sign Up Today". For reinforcement in the CTA scene, consider re-featuring the product or service the viewer was exposed to in the product scene. For businesses with physical locations, including a dynamic map of the nearest retail location can add value and drive urgency.


Best Practice #3: 

Make It Personal

By using data, SundaySky video ads are more engaging than typical online ads. The platform algorithm aligns the most relevant messages to your audience's interests, and the use of data allows you to target and vary content down to the individual level. By identifying valuable audience segments, using on-site behavior, and using third-party datasets, SundaySky can help you deliver highly relevant content to high-value prospects or customers.

SundaySky makes video advertising easy! Use our video creation tools to build data-driven, targeted ads quickly and keep them updated as your messaging needs change or evolve. After creation, work alongside the SundaySky campaign management team to deploy, track, and optimize your ads to maximize your performance. Get started creating today and for more information on campaign management, reach out to SundaySky.

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