After logging in to SundaySky, you will reach Your Videos, the platform's home page. This is the page from which all the videos and folders in your account are accessed.

In addition, there are a variety of actions that you can perform from this page on a specific video such as renaming, duplicating, and moving to a folder.

Page Layout

Your Videos includes the following three sections:

  • Recent: in this section you'll find the ten most recently edited videos in your account. Beneath each video thumbnail, you'll see who last edited the video and when. Use the left and right arrows on the thumbnails to scroll through the entire list.

  • Folders: in this section you'll find all the folders created in your account, used for organizing videos. If you and your colleagues are using AI Copilot to create videos, a dedicated Copilot drafts folder is automatically created to hold all the video drafts that have not yet been edited. In addition, the Archive folder is accessed from this section. The total number of folders in your account is displayed following the section title (in the example below, 3).

  • Videos: in this section you'll find all the videos that are located directly in Your Videos (root) and not in folders. The total number of videos in this section is displayed following the section title (in the example below, 131).


Display View

Folders and videos can be displayed in either grid or list view. To switch between the views, click the view selector at the top right of the page. The videos in the Recent section are not affected by the view you select and are always displayed in grid view.

The view selected is user-specific, meaning that the view selected by an individual user does not affect the view displayed for other users in the same account.



The items on this page can be sorted by one of the following options:

  • Date last edited. This is the default option, in descending order.
  • Date last published
  • Creation date
  • Alphabetical order

The sorting option you select is applied to both the folders and the videos.

In grid view, select a sorting option at the top right of the page. In addition, you can use the arrow to the left of the sorting option to display the contents in ascending or descending order.


In list view, click the column header by which you want to sort the videos: Name, Last Published, Last Edited, or Creation Date. The sorting toggles between ascending and descending after each click. In this view, the folders are displayed first, followed by the videos.


Video Actions

From Your Videos, you can quickly access any video in your account as well as perform actions directly from this page. The access points differ depending on the view that you are working in.

Grid View List View
To preview the latest version of the video, hover over the video thumbnail and then click Preview latest version.


To access the Studio and begin editing, hover over the video thumbnail and then click Edit video.


To access the Video Page, click the video thumbnail.


To perform actions on the video, click the Options menu. For specific instructions, see Video Details, Duplicating a Video, Managing Reviews, Working with Video Folders, and Archiving a Video.


Video Details

To view information relating to a specific video, click the Options menu on the video thumbnail* and then select Details. Click through the tabs beneath the image below for more details regarding each piece of information.

* In list view, click the Options menu at the end of the video's row.


a b c d e f
Video Name
The name given to the video. If you would like, you can rename it from here.
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