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Survey Results Can Be Included in Reports
If your video includes a survey, you can now easily gain insights into your viewers by including the answers to the survey questions in a report.
To learn more, see:
Creating a New Report
Descriptions of Report Columns
Personalization New Module for Creating Data Elements
Working with data elements and values—used for personalizing a video—is now more streamlined and easier. You can now create these entities directly in the platform, eliminating the need for managing external files.
To learn more, see:
Managing the SundaySky Data Element Library
Landing Page Builder NPS Survey Can Be Added to Video
With only one click, an NPS survey can be added at the end of a video. Results of the survey are displayed in a dedicated dashboard and can also be included in reports.
To learn more, see:
Using the Landing Page Builder
Analytics New Design for the Reports Module
The Reports module has received a fresh design! Accessed by clicking Analytics in the sidebar, the entire module is now completely updated according to SundaySky's new design and branding.
To learn more, see:
Creating a New Report
Media Increased Image Size
The maximum file size for images has been increased to 10 MB.
To learn more, see:
Uploading Assets to the Media Library
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