Product Area Description Release Date
Story Templates New Organization of the Story Template Gallery
To help in finding the perfect Story Template for your video, you can now browse 5 major categories:
IndustryGoalsChannelsData Usage, and Look & Feel. Each of these categories has an assortment of sub-categories so that you can pinpoint the exact Story Template.
To learn more, see:
Creating a Video with a Story Template
Media Sound in Uploaded Video Can Be Switched On or Off
If your video includes a video clip with sound, you can now control whether to keep the sound on or off. A single toggle switch accomplishes this, eliminating the need to use external software for removing the audio.
To learn more, see:
Turning the Video Asset Sound On or Off
Media Images and Video Clips Can Be Saved as Favorites
When creating a video, you can now quickly access your preferred images and video footage by marking them as favorites.
To learn more, see:
Saving Images and Videos as Favorites
Analytics New Page Consolidates Metrics of All Published Videos
Get a bird's eye view and easily track all your published video metrics using the new Account Analytics page.
To learn more, see:
Viewing Account-Level Analytics
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