If you have a personal or company page on LinkedIn, you can post organic video content to the page directly from the SundaySky Video Platform. Any videos that you have created—both published and not published—can be shared.



If you'd like to post to a LinkedIn company page, you need to be a Super Admin of that page.


When watching a video inside LinkedIn, the buttons in scenes are not clickable. We therefore recommend that you not include any buttons in the video that you are sharing.


Once a video is shared on LinkedIn, any edits made to the video in the SundaySky platform will not affect the shared version. If you would like the edits to be seen in LinkedIn, you'll need to republish the video and then share the video again.


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Click the preview button in the workspace.



(Optional) If your video includes data, you can create a viewer profile that will define what content is included in the video that you will be posting.
▶ If your video does not include data, skip this step.



Preview the video to make sure that it looks exactly as you expect.


Click Share at the top of the page and then select Share on LinkedIn.




(Optional) If this is the first time that you are sharing a video on LinkedIn, connect your account to LinkedIn.


The Share on LinkedIn page is displayed with:
a. A static preview of the LinkedIn post. Note that this is only a visual approximation.
b. The name of the page on which the video will be posted. If you'd like to change to a different page, see Switching to a Different Page After Connecting.




Enter the text that will accompany the LinkedIn post.
▶ This field is mandatory.
▶ You can also add hashtags to describe the post.




Click Share Now at the bottom of the page.


Go to your LinkedIn page to see the video that you posted.
▶ You can also click Copy Post URL on the green confirmation message (at bottom of page) and then go directly to the posted video.



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