Release Notes—December 2022

Product Area Description Release Date
 Sound Introducing Our New Music Library
SundaySky is now integrated with a stock music library, providing you with access to over 30,000 tracks, covering a wide variety of genres and moods.
To learn more, see:
Adding Music to a Video
Video Creation Text Alignment Is Now Available
To meet your content needs and brand requirements, text added to a placeholder can now be aligned both horizontally and vertically.
To learn more, see:
Aligning Text in a Placeholder
Video Creation New Capability for Changing Layouts
While creating a scene, you may realize that the placeholders in the current scene do not match the content that you want to include. Instead of creating a new scene from scratch, you can now easily apply a new layout—from any scene template— to the current scene.
To learn more, see:
Changing a Layout (Advanced Options)
Sharing on Social Media Videos Can Now Be Shared on LinkedIn
Any video that you create can now be shared as an organic post on LinkedIn—on both personal and company pages.
To learn more, see:
Sharing a Video on LinkedIn
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