When you create your video, it will most likely be a collaborative process. You'll want to share your video and get feedback from stakeholders in different domains—creative, marketing, legal, and others. Some of these stakeholders may be colleagues using the SundaySky platform together with you and some may be completely external to your team. With SundaySky's reviewing module, you can gather feedback from all voices. As this module is a stand-alone SundaySky component, stakeholders do not need to have access to the SundaySky platform in order to participate in the reviewing process.

With SundaySky's reviewing module, you can send a video for review to all collaborators and receive feedback in context. This means that the feedback appears in the video right next to the relevant content. As seen in the example below, the comment is appended to the relevant content in the scene.


Rather than sending each stakeholder a separate MP4 file and then organizing all the feedback manually, you can send the same video to multiple reviewers, receive in-context feedback, and see all the comments in one unified thread. In this way, you can quickly implement and review changes, bringing your video to completion much more rapidly.

Here is how the reviewing process works:

  1. The video is sent for review to all relevant stakeholders.

  2. Stakeholders review the video and add their comments to the reviewing module. All comments that are added are also sent via email to those tagged in the comment.
    Throughout the process, all those who received a link to review the video can access the reviewing module to read, track, and follow up on comments.

  3. Feedback is reviewed and then implemented inside the SundaySky platform.

To learn more, see:
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