The first step in collaborating on a video is to send the video to others for review. Both SundaySky users and those without access to the SundaySky platform can review a video.

The video that you send is a "snapshot" of the video at the specific time and date on which it was sent. If you make changes to the video in the platform after sending it for review, those changes are not reflected in the video that others have received. To see the changes that you have made, you'll need to send a new version for review. There is no limit to the number of times that you can send the same video for review.  


Access the relevant video in editing mode.


Click Preview.



(Optional) If your video includes data, you can select the viewer profile that will define what content is included in the video sent for review.
▶ If your video does not include data or you would like to see the default content without any personalization, skip this step.




Preview the video to make sure that it looks exactly as you expect.


Click Share and then Invite to Review.



Select the users to whom you want to send the video for review.
▶ Your user (displayed with a purple avatar) is included in the list so that you can also select yourself as a reviewer.
▶ Your Account Manager can add any non-SundaySky user to your account as a reviewer.


7. (Optional) Add a message that will be included in the email sent to the reviewers.




Click Send Invitations.


An email, with a link to access the video, is sent to each reviewer.
▶ You will receive notification if, for any reason, the emails could not be sent.

Click to see an example of the email sent to the initiator

The email sent to the initiator (review requestor) includes a timestamp after the name of the video.


Click to see an example of the email sent to a reviewer


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