After selecting a video asset for your video, you may find that you need to crop it in some way.
Here are some use cases where cropping can be very useful:

  • You want to focus on a certain section of the video.
  • You want to cut out extraneous or unimportant elements that draw attention away from the video's main topic of interest.

Cropping a Video Asset

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.
2. From the scene line-up, select the relevant scene.
3. Select the video asset that you want to crop.
4. On the toolbar, click the Edit media icon.
5. Click the Edit asset icon.
  The video is opened in the media editor, ready for cropping. Note that the aspect ratio of the cropping window matches the aspect ratio of the media placeholder in the scene.
6. Drag the cropping window so that it frames only what you want to leave in the video.
▶ You can also resize (scale) the video asset by dragging the corner handles.
7. Click the play button to preview the cropped version of the video asset.
▶ While previewing, you can also adjust the cropping area.
8. When you are happy with the result, click Apply in the bottom right corner.
9. Click anywhere outside the Media dialog window to close the window.
  The video asset is updated in the placeholder.


1. If you access the video asset after the cropping action, you'll see the section you cropped within the original video. This will enable you to crop a different section whenever you need to.
2. If you change the scene layout after cropping the video, you may need to re-crop the video so that it is displayed optimally in the media placeholder.
3. After cropping the video, you may also want to trim the video, or flip it horizontally or vertically. All these editing actions are not dependent on each other and can be performed in any order.
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