Release Notes—January 2023

Product Area Description Release Date
Media Video Cropping Tool Now Available
Instead of using a third-party tool to crop a video asset, you can now quickly and easily crop any video right inside the SundaySky platform.
To learn more, see:
Cropping a Video Asset
Analytics Introducing New Video Dashboards
Together with a brand new design, all the SundaySky dashboards have been improved with new visualizations, new metrics, and new insights. You can now quickly evaluate and understand how your videos are performing so that you can make the necessary optimizations.
To learn more, see:
Introduction to the Dashboard (Owned Media)
Inside the Dashboard: Views
Inside the Dashboard: Clicks
Distribution New Module for Collaboration and Review
It's now possible to share your video with team members—even those not using SundaySky—and get in-context feedback. Comments from reviewers are added directly to the video, making it easy to provide specific feedback and then follow up on that feedback.
To learn more, see:
Collaboration Basics
Sending a Video for Review
Reviewing and Commenting on a Video
User Management New Self-Service User Management
With the new user management module, Account Managers can now independently manage the users in their account, including adding, deleting, and editing users.
To learn more, see:
Managing Users
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