By default, the buttons (one or more) in a scene are aligned horizontally according to the design considerations for the specific layout. You can, however, overwrite the alignment setting according to your preference.

If there is more than one button in a scene, they are treated as one unit and the alignment option you select is applied to all of them.

The button alignment option is only available if the video was created on or after August 7, 2023, using the improved layout library.

To align a button:


Select one of the buttons in the scene.
▶ As mentioned above, all the buttons in the scene are treated as one unit. Therefore, you only need to select one of them.


2. On the toolbar, click the Align icon and then change the alignment according to your preference.
▶ If the Align icon is disabled, this indicates that the button position cannot be changed because of the available area in the layout.


  The alignment is changed and the toolbar icon reflects the current alignment setting.

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