A button is an interactive component in a scene that, when clicked, opens a URL in a new browser tab.

In the example below, clicking Download Mobile App will direct viewers to a page from which they can download the app according to their mobile device.


In the Scene Template library, there is a variety of scenes that include a button (see examples below):


The button itself is composed of the following elements:

  • Button shape. The button shape is defined in the button style.
  • Button colors. A button includes three colors (text color, fill color, border color) that are defined in the button style.
  • Button text. This is the text that is displayed on the button; the text style is defined in the brand text styles.
  • URL Hyperlink. This is the link that is opened when the viewer clicks the button.

Configuring a Button


From the scene line-up, select the scene with the button that you want to configure.




Double-click the button.


In the Message field, select the current text and then enter the text that you want to display on the button.




In the Destination URL field, type the URL that viewers will be directed to when they click the button.
The protocol http:// or https:// must be included in the URL for the link to be valid.
▶ To initiate an email after viewers click the button, type mailto:{Recipient address}
For example:
To initiate a phone call after viewers click the button, type tel:{phone number in digits only, without spaces}
For example: tel:123456789



(Optional) Define how this button is referred to in the dashboard widgets.

Select Same as button text if you want the button name in the dashboard to be the same as the button text in the scene. This is the default option.

Select Custom if you want the button to have a different name in the dashboard.



Click anywhere outside the button window to close the window.


  The button is configured.




The buttons you configure are clickable only if the video is played in the SundaySky player.


Once your video has views, you can run reports and use the video dashboard to view metrics on how the buttons are performing.
See Creating a New Report and Inside the Dashboard: Clicks to learn more.


If a destination URL is not entered, clicking the button will open a new (blank) tab and navigate the viewer outside of the video. As this will create a poor user experience, we recommend that a URL always be added when configuring a button. 

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