What are Text Styles?

In a scene, there are usually several placeholders that can contain text. The style of the text (font and spacing) in each placeholder is configured in the brand configuration. A brand configuration includes five text styles that we recommend you configure before you begin adding text to the scenes in your video.


A text style is a component of a brand configuration. A brand configuration can be applied to more than one video. If you change text styles in a brand configuration, this will affect both the video you are currently working on as well as all videos using the same brand configuration. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Configuring a Text Style


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Text Styles section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.


  The five text styles are displayed, with their current settings.


2. Click the pencil icon by the text style that you want to configure (in the example below, Heading).
▶ For your reference, use the text mapping diagrams to identify the text style that you want to configure.


3. Configure any or all of the following settings:
  Font: Open the drop-down list and select the desired font and weight.
  Letter case: Open the drop-down list and select the letter case. Note that Small caps cannot be applied to some fonts.
  Letter spacing: Open the drop-down list and select the letter spacing. This number refers to the amount of space between letters. The higher the number, the more white space there will be between the letters. The default value is 0.
  Line spacing: Enter the percentage of the text size that will dictate the vertical distance between lines of text. The default value is 100%.
This line spacing refers to the vertical distance when text flows continuously and not to a paragraph break (Enter) between lines of text.

As you configure new settings for the text style, the changes are reflected immediately in the relevant placeholder. You can always use the revert icon revert_icon.png to return to your previous settings.



After you have finished configuring all the text styles, click Save.



Text Mapping Diagrams

If you would like to see how text styles are used in scenes, you can refer to the mapping diagrams below.

Generally speaking, not all the text styles will be used in a single scene.


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