What are Brand Colors?

A SundaySky scene template includes various components that you can apply color to. These include the backgrounds, accents, buttons, and text. Each one of these components can have a specific color. The seven colors that can be used in a scene template are defined in a brand configuration.

For example: One of the seven brand colors is Button Fill and in the screenshot below, the color selected for the button fill is a light orange (hex code #FCBD70).



A color is a component of a brand configuration. A brand configuration can be applied to more than one video. If you change colors in a brand configuration, this will affect both the video you are currently working on as well as all videos using the same brand configuration. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Configuring a Color


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Colors section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.




The Colors section is displayed with the seven colors that can be configured.




Click the color that you want to configure (in the example below, Button Text).
▶ For your reference, use the color mapping diagram to identify the color that you want to configure.




Select a new color by doing one of the following:
a. Pick a color from the current brand colors.
b. Enter the hex code.
c. Enter the R, G, and B numeric values.
d. Use the color slider to visually select a color.




Note that Button Fill and Button Border can be configured to be transparent. The color pickers of these two colors include a toggle that can be switched to transparency.




As you configure a new color, it is immediately reflected in the relevant scene component.




When you're happy with the color that you have selected, click Save.
▶ Click Cancel to cancel the selection and revert to the previous color.




The new color is saved in the brand configuration.




Note that only non-transparent colors are displayed in the brand configuration. If one of the colors in the Summer Campaign brand configuration is transparent, it displays as follows with only six colors: 



Configure additional colors, as required.

Color Mapping Diagram

If you would like to see how a color is used in a scene, you can refer to the mapping diagram below.
Note that there may be scenes in which not all the colors are used.


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