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Note that you need to have Editor permissions in order to configure colors in a brand configuration.

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Configuring a Color
Color Mapping Diagrams

What are Brand Colors?

A SundaySky scene template includes various components that you can apply color to. These include the backgrounds, accents, buttons, and text. Each one of these components can have a specific color. The six colors that can be used in a scene template are defined in a brand configuration.

For example: One of the six brand colors is the Button Color and in the example below, the color selected for the button is a light orange (hex code #FCBD70).



Note that a brand configuration can be applied to more than one program. If you change the colors in a brand configuration, any change you make will affect both the program you are currently working on as well as all programs (in draft mode) using the same brand configuration. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Configuring a Color


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Colors section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.




The Colors section is displayed with the six colors that can be configured.




Click the color that you want to configure (in the example below, Button Text).
▶ For your reference, use the color mapping diagrams to identify the color that you want to configure.




Select a new color by doing one of the following:
a. Enter the hex code.
b. Enter the R, G, and B numeric values.
c. Use the color slider to visually select a color.




After you select a new color, it is immediately updated in the relevant scene component.




When you're happy with the color that you have selected, click Save.
▶ Click Cancel to cancel the selection and revert to the previous color.




The new color is saved in the brand configuration.




Configure additional colors, as required.

Color Mapping Diagrams

If you would like to see how a color is used in a scene, you can refer to the mapping diagrams below.

The brand colors, displayed on the right, are mapped to where the colors are used in the scene.

Note that there may be scenes in which not all the colors are used. For example: in the Lite Theme scene below, neither Accent 1 nor Accent 2 is used for any component.


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