Introduction to Brand

Before you begin working on the individual scenes of a video, we recommend that you first create a brand based on your brand guidelines. A brand includes the following components:

  • A logo
  • Colors that are used for the various scene components (background, text, and accents)
  • Text styles that are used for the on-screen text in the scenes
  • A button style (shape and colors) that defines how buttons appear in the video

A brand is applied to every video that you create. You can apply the same brand to many videos. Within the same video, you can apply different brands to different audiences. See Applying a Brand by Audience to learn how.

Your account comes with one default brand but you can create as many brands as you need. Generally speaking, you may decide to have a main brand that you use for most of your videos and then create additional brands as needs arise.
Following are examples of scenarios that may require a new brand:


You are creating a video for the holiday season that requires a different logo than your company's standard logo.


You are creating a video for Black Friday deals. In order to differentiate the videos from others, you need to use a different logo and colors. 


In one of your videos, you want to make changes to some of the colors.


As mentioned above, a brand can be applied to more than one video. If you edit a brand, any change you make will affect both the video you are currently working on as well as all videos using the same brand. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Creating a Brand


Log in to your SundaySky account.


Access the first video that you are creating from scratch.


The default brand that comes with your account—currently named Untitled—is displayed. Note that it is already selected for the video that you are working on.




On the thumbnail, click the three dots to open the Actions menu and then select Edit.
▶ If you've already created your first brand and want to create an additional one, click + Add New Brand.




In the Brand Name field, enter a name for the default brand.




Upload a logo. See Configuring a Logo for step-by-step instructions.




Configure the brand colors. See Configuring Brand Colors for step-by-step instructions.




Configure the brand text styles. See Configuring Brand Text Styles for step-by-step instructions.




Configure the button style. See Configuring a Button Style for step-by-step instructions.




Click Save.




The default brand is saved.

Important Notes


When you click + Add New Brand to create a new brand, the default brand is copied as a starting point for editing.


When you access a video and then edit a brand, that brand is automatically selected for the video. If you'd like, you can always select a different brand by clicking the desired one.

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