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Note that you need to have editing permissions in order to select a button shape in a brand configuration.

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What is a Button Shape?
Selecting a Button Shape

What is a Button Shape?

The button shape defines how your buttons appear in all the scenes in which there are buttons. The SundaySky platform includes three button shapes: rectangular, rounded, and pill.
In the example below, the button shape is rectangular.


By default, every SundaySky theme has a theme-recommended button shape. This is the shape that the SundaySky designer feels best matches the theme. You can, of course, select a different button shape and overwrite the default selection.

When you select a button shape, take note of the following:


If you select a theme-recommended button shape and then change the theme in the brand configuration, the button shape is changed according to what is recommended for the new theme that you selected.


If you select a distinct button shape (rectangular, rounded, or pill) and then change the theme in the brand configuration, the button shape remains the same.


A button shape is a component of a brand configuration. A brand configuration can be applied to more than one video. If you change the button shape in a brand configuration, this will affect both the video you are currently working on as well as all videos using the same brand configuration. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Selecting a Button Shape


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Button Shape section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.




Select the button shape that you want to use for the brand configuration.
▶ A blue border around the shape indicates that it is selected.



The button shape is automatically updated in the video.




Click Save at the bottom of the page.



Following are the button shapes recommended for each theme:

Theme Button Shape
Craft Rectangular
Elements Rounded
Hoops Pill
Lite Pill
Minimal Pill
Modern Rectangular
Waves Pill
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